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Supporting these Black-owned businesses in P’burg will strengthen our town


Letter by Lee Clark, Vice President Town Council, Phillipsburg 

Published: Feb. 08, 2022, 9:29 AM

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When observing Black History month, we too often acknowledge the achievements of the great Black inventors and humanitarians, the giants who have shaped our society, and we forget the contributions of the decent people around us, our friends and neighbors who work hard and make a difference in our town and our lives every day. That's why Lee Clark's letter is so important. He understands the impact of local Black-owned businesses, and he lists some of those right here in town. 

Announcement - January 15, 2022

Let's celebrate the New Year by creating a place online where we can have open, honest dialog about issues in our town that have an impact on the residents, businesses, and property owners. This website will be monitored with our goal to create a bi-partisan platform providing accurate, timely, and relevant information about what is happening in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. 

No more guessing. Our web administrators will provide the source of all information provided and verify all content prior to sharing the information on this website. 


How can YOU help make Phillipsburg a better place for all?

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We Believe in a Better Phillipsburg for Everyone!

Issues for a Better Phillipsburg 

Issues for Phillipsburg

Issues for a Better Phillipsburg

  1. Investments - Riverfront Development, Fully-Funded Library, Zoning

  2. Community Development - Environment and Eco-Tourism  

  3. Children's Recreation and Programs, Library, Festivals, and Events


Family-owned businesses for generations have called Phillipsburg their home. There is also an uptick in new businesses opening storefronts establishing themselves in Town as well as a healthy real estate market. We have positioned as an employer hotspot New jobs are the key driver to sustainable prosperity within  Phillipsburg.


The tagline of “For a Better Phillipsburg” is inclusive to all residents, businesses, and property owners working towards a sustainable future. Our theme is focused on convening efforts and voices towards the common goal of bettering our town.


Phillipsburg is rich in culture, heritage, history, and powerful storytelling. Our town is primed to be an exciting, fun, and historic tourist destination for the whole family. We are committed to all of the recreational opportunities in Phillipsburg.



We believe in Transparency and Character in Government
We focus on Inclusion with everyone in our interactions with others
We insist on Fiscal Responsibility for a better Phillipsburg

Let's work for the collective prosperity of residents, businesses, and building owners; For a Better Phillipsburg.

About Us

Who We Are?

What's the Call To Action? 

A Call for all stakeholders in the town of Phillipsburg to join the rallying cry for pragmatists everywhere. Our town's future has not been written. We are driven by principles that bind us together for a better Phillipsburg. That’s why we believe in pushing for everyone involved with the town of Phillipsburg to  rededicate themselves focusing on our town's future. A Better Phillipsburg includes promoting an inclusive environment. 


Residents are in control and need to take the reins by guiding the administration to hear our voices and take action to protect our natural resources within Phillipsburg. 

What Can You Do?

As the stewards of our town, we are responsible to bring your voice to the issues so all of the facts are part of the boarder discussion. With ore accurate information we can have mature conversations to create, compassionate, sustainable solutions to real problems. 

About Us

We are a group of residents, living and working in the town of Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Our goal is to bring arurate, timely, relevant information to everyone as a way to increase the transparency with our leaders in town government. 

Less, conjecture without the snarky back and forth from people that do not want the town to move forward as a destination for the whole family.

We believe all residents should be represented by those men and women who understand the historical significance of our working class roots, and the family values we have embraced. The fundamental fairness standard we employ and seek for all.

We are concerned citizens—a group of local citizens, residents, business owners, and property owners — calling for a better Phillipsburg. Our town is tired of division and political favoritism lacking in transactional transparency. It’s time to restore a “common-sense coalition” providing transparency in government and insist on public discourse as we plan for a sustainable future. We are committed to making Phillipsburg transparent, accessible and welcoming to all.

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